Book Review: The Economic Naturalist

Economic naturalist

The Economic Naturalist
Type of book: A practical guide to products and services that permeate our lives as consumers.
Author: Robert H. Frank
Subject: Business
Price: 15.95
ISBN: 978-0-465-00357

The Economic Naturalist takes a reverse-engineering look at products and processes that affect our lives every day. Starting with tangible consumables, like ATM machines and taxi services, the book systematically strips the product down and traces its essence to three basic principles: making money, saving money and streamlining. Using these principles as lenses, each chapter helps the reader understand why products appear and behave the way they do. All of this in an unbelievably informal and fluid style.

This book is enlightening. It changed my concept of the process for product innovation and market development. Beyond that, it is the first time that I have actually enjoyed reading about economic principles and applications. I would recommend this book as an introduction to the very practical and coherent world of economics.

By Motyka Johnson 



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