Cause Marketing


Firms can spend a lot of money on a Public Relations campaign, but if they work with the right non-profit, the glow of the halo shines on them. My favorite example of cause marketing is the otherwise unlikely relationship between Clorox and the Sierra Club.

Through this partnership, Clorox, which has a dubious environmental track record is able to reposition a product line as “green.” By partnering with the Sierra club, the company effectively aligns itself with the equitable reputation of the Sierra Club as an environmental champion, thus avoiding potential PR attacks by the club’s own members. Clorox effectively rides into the blue ocean as the most widely available “green alternative” on the market, thus taking advantage of the company’s distribution network.

By partnering with Clorox, the Sierra Club is able to reach out to new market segments that otherwise would be oblivious to their cause. Not to mention the sizable donation they stand to gain through partnership.


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