Consumer Segments

There are all kinds of ways to slice and dice consumer segments. Roper’s Green Gauge is one of the more famous, listing a continuum of consumers based on their valence with environmental issues and its effect on their shopping habits. The list goes from true blue green to brown.

But I just discovered my favorite value-based segmentation list. It is also from Roper’s. The Global Consumer Survey. Here it is with percentages:

Strivers (12%)- emphasis on material and professional goals
Devouts (22%) emphasis on religion and tradition
Altruists (18%) emphasis on social welfare issues
Intimates (15%) emphasis on family & personal relationships
Fun seekers (12%) emphasis on hedonistic pleasure and fun
Creatives (10%) emphasis on knowledge and technology

The disclaimer of course is that any person can take on characteristics of one or more segmentation while in the consumer decision making process.

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