Mobility Meets Sustainability

This is a guest post from Patrick, a creative marketer who we met through the Masters in Marketing Program at CU Denver. He has done a tremendous amount of research in the development and implementation of marketing models for sustainable transportation. We asked him to tell our readers about his take on sustainable mobility.

The perceptive observer of sustainability may ask why focus on mobility in a macro level when there are so many other pressing concerns facing the world at large. Irespond to this critique by positioning mobility as the puzzle piece that’s within the value chain of our collective existence. Everybody and everything depends on mobility to some extent or another, whether as an input to propel activity or as an output that delivers increased value to consumers. Regardless of the clever explanation being presented you simply can’t get around it as mobility is in effect a biological process that can’t be legislated, engineered, or prayed away. Noting that an apposite antonym of mobility is death, humanity tends to cling to mobility and that is the vindication with which I offer Mobility Meets Sustainability.

At its most basic, sustainability is about sacrificing one’s fulfillment of needs towards the greater good.  This is all well and good until sustainability comes up against what are basic human rights, or in this instance Mobility.  This very quickly transforms into a Magna Carta style discussion into the rights of Man.  Perhaps sustainability by itself isn’t sustainable?

By Patrick Lagodny


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