Announcing Tool Tuesdays!

Image Source: “Piggy Bank” from Cincinnati’s Big Pig Gig at

A very good blogger and friend of mine, the Itsy Bitsy Spider, suggested that I should add a regular feature to this blog. It should be something that motivates visitors to subscribe and check back on a regular basis to see what MarketFix is up to.

So far, the most popular post at The MarketFix Marketing Blog is the MECCAS Model Explained, and the most popular section is the Marketing Tools. So, in an inspired celebration of the blog’s 15th post, I am pleased to announce Tool Tuesdays! Every Tuesday, we’ll take a look at a marketing tool, how it works, and why we use it.

Special attention will be given to requests and comments from followers, so don’t forget to sign-up and use your free WordPress account to follow MarketFix on its journey around markets!


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