TV Commercials: More Than Just For Laughs

Any good marketer knows that using emotions to sell your products in commercials is very beneficial. (Think babies and puppies tugging at your heart strings, animated characters making you laugh or anti-smoking ads using scare tactics to prevent teenage smoking.) However, slapping an emotion on top of your brand isn’t a fool-proof plan. The ad has to be emotional AND memorable. It makes common sense but far too often I hear people talking about commercials they have seen recently (like in the Superbowl for example) and how they liked a certain ad but they have no idea what the ad was for. That would be so disappointing to the marketer who created the ad.

That is why I was very happy to see the top commercials of 2009 selected by the Association of Independent Commercial Producers. Two of my favorite commercials from last year were in the top three – Old Spice and Snickers. (In case you haven’t seen them, be sure to check out the interview on the Today Show announcing the winners: Not only are they hilarious (a huge plus) but the humor actually ties to the product they are advertising. The people I have talked to about these commercials liked them but most importantly remembered what they were for. I hope we see more of those types of commercials in 2010. Who will be up for the challenge?

By Jennie Castles


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