Website Analytics Series: Competitive Analysis

Competitive analysis
Competitive intelligence is available from several third party sources online. These sources are considered public knowledge and compare specific kinds of clickstream data from websites hosted in the United States. By comparing various elements of your company’s website with the competition, it is possible to identify opportunities as well as gain insights to online consumer behavior within your industry.

The top site for competitive intelligence is

My favorite site for competitive intelligence (you can read an earlier post about it here) is, which compiles information from several sources (including about news, web traffic, finance, SEO, and executive profiles for free.

After using these sites for competitive intelligence, you’ll have a pretty good idea about where your website is in relationship to your competitors in terms of internet traffic. You’ll also be able to tell which competitors are more successful at driving customers to their websites, especially on Bizshark because you can compare company worth to visitor data and see relationships between the size of the company and the popularity of the website.

Next, use your favorite search engine(s) to find out what those competitors are doing. Which ones are engaged in paid advertising? Where is your company on an organic search for your product or service? What does it take to get to the top of the list- if your site is not at the top, visit the top sites find out what their search engine marketing looks like.


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