Anthropologie Happy Birthday Card

The package: a relatively large padded envelope. Paper coating is a natural white color and high quality. It is addressed especially to me. The stamp, although bulk rate, is genuine. Return address is neatly centered on the top flap on the back side of the package in a magenta ink that matches my address on the face.

The offer: A single piece. A 4×6 post card on heavy ivory stock- along the lines of Neenah Environment Irish Cream 120C felted cover (high quality stuff!). The image is a cupcake design with a pin prick die-cut. Attached is a keepsake necklace with a birthday candle pendant attached through a puncture in the card that is part of the cupcake design.

The message: Written in the same magenta ink as the envelope, in matching font reads:

Happy Birthday! Make a wish…

And treat yourself to something special!

Use this card for 15% off your

total store purchase any day in [month of birthday].

Your candle necklace is for you to keep.

The reverse side (not included in image above) in matching font and ink reads:

This little gift is for you and only you.

And cannot be turned into chocolate, flowers,

or cash. It’s a one time treat. Gladly accepted

in our retail stores (not online), so bring this

note, along with your Anthro card. And enjoy!

My opinion:
This piece made my top 10 of all time! It is a perfect fit with Anthropologie’s marketing mix. It was minimalistic, elegant and it communicated value.

To me, the message is “You are valuable to us. We are willing to invest in this relationship to tell you that.” First, they cared enough to register my birthday and timed the piece to arrive the month before my birthday so that it was the first card I got. Not to mention that I now have an invitation to go shopping for my birthday, before or after the event.

The offer is on beautiful stock. It does not feel like a coupon. It feels like a very nice birthday card. It is a great fit for me (as part of the target market) because I am not particularly fond of most coupons that are designed to appeal to customers who define value as low price. When I shop at a boutique (like Anthropologie and other stores in the Hayne portfolio), that is not my preferred value definition. Therefore, when I am at the register I don’t want to slip the cashier a value coupon.

Instead, I would rather hand her physical evidence of my membership in this elite brand community. And the 15% off is a nice little membership perk, too.

How would you rate this direct mail piece on a scale of 1 t0 5?
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1 Response to Anthropologie Happy Birthday Card

  1. Ellie Becker says:

    I am flattered that you ‘liked’ my current post because you are very smart. Great analysis. Love your blog. I predict that you guys will go far in the marketing biz!! Also like the ‘cocktail’ association. ;D

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