AAA Service Postcard Series

AAA Postcard Series ImagesThe piece:

The media is a standard 5.25″x 9.75″ double sided full color postcard on 16pt cardstock, full color with UV1 gloss on both sides. Similar to stock at this site:

The cards are addressed to my name or current resident, pre-sorted information is printed where the bulk stamp would be placed. Colors are primarily blue, white and red. A single large graphic of a kid making a funny face is above the address bar. The headline reads, “The Funny Side” with a subhead, “Important Stuff Kids Taught Me” Followed by a list of about 14 one-liners, which might have been inspired by a top 10 countdown on late night TV.

The reverse side primarily white, red and blue. The headline is a repeat of a one-liner from the reverse side followed by a short story that ties the one-liner to AAA services in four paragraphs. The bottom portion contains 3 coupons: Water Heater $100 Off, Drain Cleaning $99.00, Heating, Plumbing & Electric $35 Off.

The right side of the card is separated with a vertical blue bar, has a graphic of 4 smiling working professionals holding plumber’s tools. The phone number is probably the largest font on the page, and it is red. The company’s name in all caps is above it in blue, followed by the tag line in small italic black lettering, the website is below the phone number, also in black, and below that, services are in blue, separated by small blue bullets. A red bar separates the coupons from the rest of the copy, and white text inside the bar reads “No kidding around, you can save big with the coupons below!”

My opinion:

I’m not in love with the series, but I think it is pretty good for a budget piece. I like post cards as a vehicle for direct mail because there is no envelope to get between the message and the audience. I think the use of one-liners is rather creative for this genera, although it is a bit too text heavy for my taste. I think the front is too jumpy: visually, there is no flow between elements.

The back is way too text heavy, but the coupon offers are probably effective for the target audience, and the blue areas behind the numbers are eye-catching. Cheesy as it is, I like the smiling professionals graphic because it immediately communicates just about everything I need to know about the company. I just wish it were larger. Perhaps if it switched places with the large amount of text, and the text were trimmed to fit in the graphic’s current spot…?

Overall, I think this is a 3-star series. What do you think?


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1 Response to AAA Service Postcard Series

  1. Heather Sabyan says:

    well, I think the concept is cute….however, I think the copy built around it is weak, not sure how it relates to AAA service and the value it brings to their potential customer. AAA service is good because the dog liked them?? Doesn’t sell me 🙂 I like the coupons, I think they should be bigger. And I agree with you, WAY too much copy. I wouldn’t read it, I’d flip it over and take note of the coupons…..and that’s it. I am disappointed with the relevancy. What do funny kids have to do with plumbing services? It gets my attention, but the copy kills it for me. I hope I haven’t been too negative 🙂 It’s definitely a good piece to have open dialogue about!

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