Marketing Politics

I think that one of the most exciting applications of marketing is in the political arena. The test of persuading large groups of people to believe in a single person or cause strong enough to take action and cast a vote, the act of building a candidate’s personal brand, highly visible candidate or cause evangelists, the very carefully planned media interactions… This is an exciting time of year!

In the spirit of the season, I’d like to share my favorite political ad. It caught my attention for several reasons:

It is a cartoon. As a point of differentiation, this works in a sea of melodramatic 30 second spots.

It is comparatively long: 2 minutes.

The storytelling is very professional. It walks the viewer through the problem, how the ballot measure will fix it, and why the issue affects the audience.

All to the tune of Stevie Wonder’s 1972 hit “Superstition.”

It was a 2008 general election ballot proposition. It passed with 63% of votes in favor. Originally, the initiative’s name was “Prevention of Farm Animal Cruelty Act,” but it was amended to be officially known as “Standards for Confining Farm Animals Initiative,” which is a bit less biased. Proponents of the initiative used many marketing tools in addition to this advertisement, but the bottom line is that more Californians voted for proposition 2 (more than 8 million) than for any other initiative in state history.


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